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Beautiful logo, for your brand or business.

Print and digital media formats.

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Some people still fail to see just how import the design of their logo is.

It is the face of the company, the object that help represent who you are, what you stand for and maybe even more importantly, which type of market and customers you are aiming to aquire. This is what visitors and contacts will remember of you. Which is why we call it visual identity.

So, based on your field of expertise and industry, combined with my knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, I will create a logo that perfectly reflects your business, brand or organisation.

What you will receive

Final logo, print media format, PDF and EPS files
Final logo, digital media format, PNG and JPEG files

Special requests and order notes

During checkout, you can provide me with any relevant information concerning your project, including reference links or special requests, by filling in the Order Notes text field.