Design of 3-5 pages in 1 language.

Wordpress or Joomla framework.

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I will design a 3 to 5 page website for your brand or company, in one language, for ex. including Presentation, Blog, Team and Contact pages. Please note that you need to provide the content text and company logo, or order one if you do not have one yet.

Also, because I can only guarantee quality and functionality for projects I build from scratch, I do not accept to repair or finalize broken projects built elsewhere. But I can, if requested, recycle texts and images from such projects.

Websites are based on the expandable WordPress or Joomla frameworks.

I can also help guide you through setting up hosting, if this is something you are not familiar with.

What you will receive

A 3-5 page presentation website in 1 language

Special requests and order notes

During checkout, you can provide me with any relevant information concerning your project, including reference links or special requests, by filling in the Order Notes text field.